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Top 5 Cities in Central America to be a Digital Nomad

Top 5 Cities in Central America to be a Digital Nomad

After scouring Central America for the best place to live and work as a digital nomad here are my top picks:

#1.) Antigua, Guatemalaantigua-1

Internet speeds in Antigua, Guatemala: 650 kbps

Pros: Good central location within Guatemala, only 45 minutes to transpose hub of Guatemala City. Easy access to Lake Atitlan, but plenty to do in and directly around the city. Antigua is the countries tourist hub with plenty of good restaurant and bar choices. I could easily live here for a few months and not get bored.

Cons: Some say safety is a concern, but I feel that to be over stated. There is a good tourist police presence, if you are responsible you will be fine.

#2.) Placencia, BelizeBelize Cover

Pros: Belize boasts one of the best internet speeds in all of Central America, second only to the areas around Panama City.

Cons: There is currently a cruise ship port planned for Placencia which might affect the vie of the city.

#3.) Panama City, PanamaPanama Cover

Pros: Some of the best internet speeds in all of Central America. Safe and vibrant city with plenty of entertainment options. Easy access to most of Central America via major airport. Access to any western amenities you may want or need.

Cons: Higher cost of living, less cultural immersion.

#4.) Playa del Carmen, MexicoMexico Cover

Some may not consider Mexico part of Central America, but it’s close enough and Playa is one of my favorite places in the world. I could easily spend an entire winter here.


Pros: Above average internet speed, ridiculously good and cheap food, mid-range cost of living (Central American standards). Good access to Belize and other parts of Mexico. 6-month visa for US citizens. The amazing beach a short bike ride away.

Cons: You may get fat from all the tortas, tacos, and other tasty things in this town. Now that I am writing this I am having a hard time find much bad to write about.

#5.) Granada, NicaraguaGranada-1




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