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Life as an Expat in Otres Cambodia

Life as an Expat in Otres Cambodia

Every wonder what life as an expat in Cambodia would be like? Lucy from LucysmilesAway spent several months living in the beach town of Otres. I asked her to share with us her experience as an expat in Cambodia, here’s what Lucy had to say.
Last year, I lived in a tiny little town called Otres in the south of Cambodia for eight months. I hadn’t really meant to stay that long, but I stumbled upon a wonderful opportunity volunteering at a school in the mornings, working as a spa receptionist in the evenings and taking advantage of the cheap lifestyle while I worked online on my travel blog at the weekends.
Lucy's office. A reason to live there in itself!

Lucy’s office. A reason to live there in itself!

I lived in a converted barn costing me $50 a month and bought a cheap scooter to travel around on. I had access to a kitchen, so entertained the Cambodian family that I lived with by making ‘strange’ food – pasta and toast(!) In return, they kept me happy by always offering me delicious Cambodian curries.


Lucy's house - her room is the top right.

Lucy’s house – her room is the top right.

There were plenty of opportunities to visit gorgeous islands just off our coast and lots of interesting towns nearby. Although it was a wonderful life, I did find some of the other expats who just wanted to take advantage of the cheap drugs and lawless lifestyle without appreciating the local culture very difficult to deal with. But, I suppose it was a small price to pay to live in paradise.
Some of the kids Lucy taught at school:

Some of the kids Lucy taught at school


Author Bio


Lucy and her adopted Cambodion grandma & sister

Lucy and her adopted Cambodian grandma & sister

When she’s not listening chomping on Cambodian curries, blogger, photographer and travel adventurer, Lucy Hemmings can be found at Lucysmilesaway where she is currently slowly and thoroughly exploring the world. She has a passion for taking trains, drinking coffee, meeting locals and getting lost. She doesn’t take life too seriously – something her blog always echoes. To find out more, you can follow along on FacebookInstagram & Twitter.
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