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How to retire at 30

How to retire at 30

If you are looking for a magic bullet to install wealth, this isn’t it. What this post is is a guide to a different way of thinking about life and more specifically your working life.

According to the US government you are still 37 or more years away from retirement age, then they are generous enough to give you a few bucks to rest your tired and worn out body. If you’re lucky it’ll be enough money to buy a nice lazy boy to live out the rest of your days.

Assuming if you are reading this you are around the age of 30 and likely burnt out and questioning the practice of working until you are useless to the American machine anymore. Well me too, so here are just a few ideas to facilitate your escape from the rat race.

Unless you have a rich uncle, or a mattress full of cash you can’t exactly write your letter of resignation and settle into some good daytime TV. Not to mention being a soap opera expert doesn’t make for a fulfilling life. Your still going to have to do something to keep your bank account above zero.


How to retire at 30: Finding Remote Work

Ok so now what? Your probably thinking what am going to do if I am not a my 9-5 job? This is where it’s going to different for everyone, but believe it or not the skills you have either from a past job, education, or even a hobby can become your ‘retirement income’

My computer bound comrads

If you spend 90% or more on your computer you maybe in the best position of all. Being chained to your computer means one thing if you are looking to escape the rat race: Your physical presence is not really needed.

Socially savvy

There is a reason Facebook’s young owner is one of the richest people in the world, because social media is big business. If you know your platforms there is a place for you in business. Companies now have a position that did not exist just a few years ago: social media manager. The beauty of this job is it can be done anywhere, and often can be scheduled a week at a time making a perfect income stream for the semi retired. Compensation varies widely on many factors, but of you can establish yourself and manage a few clients I assure you it can be a comfortable income.

Artistic (read this even if you don’t consider yourself artsy)

The reality of what most call living as a digital nomad is you will likely have to have several gigs to add up to a living, but most can be accomplished on your terms when, where, and how you want.

Get Creative, Literally

This doesn’t have to be a category just for the artistically inclined. If you are an expert at a piece of software you can essentially sell your time on sites like Odesk. The beauty of it again is it’s on your schedule you could being crunching an excel sheet from your couch in your underware (if that’s how you like to work).

Use your current skills

What you are doing right now at your job has potential for some income. In your working life you picked up some skills or some specialized information that is likely valuable to someone. Ok what does that mean? It’s a ton of different things. It could be anything the knowledge of tax laws to help companies maximize there returns or as simple as being a secret shopper. The concept is extremely broad, but it can be broken down into being a consultant of sorts to a company(s) in or around the industry you are escaping from.

Internet wiz kids

This shouldn’t be news to you but what makes the web work might as well be Chinese to 99% of the public. Use you knowledge to fund your early retirement. The possibilities are endless but a few good ones are website design, keeping websites fresh is a never ending business find a handful of clients and your are set. Another ever changing and always needed SEO experts. As search engines modify their algorithms to find the best searches, companies have a budget to ensure they stay on the front pages of Google and alike, so help them and cash in.

Not technologically inclined?

That’s ok too, it just takes a bit more creativity or willingness to work with more than your finger tips. A few jobs that lend themselves to a semi retired or partially retired status: Nurses. There are traveling nurse jobs availbe where you can sign on for a period typically with a heavy work schedule, but an excellent opportunity to bank money, in some cases enough to not work for a good part of a year (especially if traveling in an inexpensive country like chapter 3 shows)

If you aren’t keen on typing your way to a living, focus on contract type positions. Nearly every profession has a need somewhere for a short duration employment. Why this works: the compensation is good, the hours can be long, but often can fund a long period of living without working or traveling. Alternatively working a shirt contract job(s) while getting your digital nomad gigs going might be a way to bridge the gap or save you from dipping into your emergency funds.

Sell your brain

To a point that’s what I am doing here, if you have something to say that people want to read, that’s worth money to somebody! Why if people are reading it advertisers can advertise on it. How do you think TV channels find them selves? People watch it and they advertise in the middle for there payout. Start a website and get some people to read it and then bother them with ads. But seriously monitizibg information has potential for income, but to seriously survive on that type of income you need some strong readership. Other outlets with low start up costs are e-books, you don’t need the next great American novel, but something that is useful to someone.

There is always something new, between the time I wrote this and when you read it there are probably even more new needs in the world you could fill in order to fill your bank account, just keep your eyes open for opportunity and things others aren’t doing yet.


How to retire at 30: First try a ‘soft retirement’

Before quitting your job make sure you can really make enough to cut the cord and go on your own. Due to the variability of free lance type work you should have a 6 month trail period where you are making enough from your new gigs before pulling the plug on your career. Failing to test and failing you will eat through your backup money and make you that much more of a slave to a 9-5.

This means a few months of pulling double duty, expect to be busy at night at your new second job, but like the saying goes anything worth doing is going to take some effort.

How to retire at 30: Have a backup plan

You wouldn’t jump out of a plane without a parachute and a backup chute would you? Don’t make this without them either. Secondly don’t confuse them either your primary chute is your new income steam, and that stack of back up cash in the bank is your back up chute. Don’t jump planning on having to use your back up, it should only be yanked to save you from falling full speed back into a 9-5.

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